Patchnotes 9.5 - Loom Recipes, Tool Changes & Iron Wool

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Patchnotes 9.5 - Loom Recipes, Tool Changes & Iron Wool

Post by Mogubean » Thu Aug 27, 2020 5:31 pm

Ahaha... It's been a while.. Hey guys ._.

+ Added an absolute ton of Loom Recipes.
+ Added an "Enderpearls" region flag which can block the usage of pearls being used to enter/leave the region.
+ Added the ability to shift click within NPC GUI's (both for trading and equipping items).
+ Added Bookcases.
+ Added Ironwool.
+ Added the ability to chisel, using a Hammer, Ironwool and Concrete for more block textures!
+ Added the ability to un-dye wool in a water-filled cauldron.
+ Added a Staff Icon next to staff member's names in the Chat Tab. Additionally, AFK players go translucent.
+ Added scroll buttons to fishing gui

* The World Guard/Regions GUI screen now has extensive information on each flag when hovering over them. Additionally, the selection boxes for each flag shows a little more information to help people better understand the settings.
* The Crafting Helper in the Inventory has been updated to include a textbox.
* Pickaxes have reduced effectiveness on non-stone materials.
* Non-Aether tools now have ZERO effectiveness on Aether Blocks.
* Aether tools now have ZERO effectiveness on Overworld Blocks.
* Translucent items now render how you'd expect them to. Translucent.
* Stained Glass + Panes have had their colours slightly changed.
* Items that cannot be used within certain regions will have a red cross rendered over the item.
* End Pillars now generate in a circular pattern, rather than fully random.
* End Pillars can now generate with Iron Bars protecting the End Crystals.
* Endermen now spawn on End Islands after their next reset.
* Dead Bushes now drop sticks.
* Books now require Leather to craft.
* All "alias" commands are no longer case sensitive.
* /votepoints command is now /platinum.
* Recipe lists are a bit more readable.
* A Warp Pad's *ZAPP* text now displays at the top of the screen, rather than spamming the chat.

* Removed more lore books.
* Removed Deepvale splash message.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed some rendering issues.
* Fixed glowing animations being too fast.
* Fixed all sorts of Cow crashing the user when right clicking them with an empty hand.
* Fixed the entire server destroying itself when firing a potion arrow at a non living entity.
* Fixed being able to use End Portals in Gameworlds.
* Players in God/Creative mode no longer infinitely stack the Frostbite effect when getting hit with a Frost Ball.
* Fixed null pointers rendering icons in GUI's
* Added small tutorial reminder that people need to open chat to use the tutorial (this relies on people reading)
* Fixed recipes in recipe finder rendering in the wrong slot positions

Backend changes for those interested
* Changed our database interface library
* Refactored a lot of code to make client and server dev easier (e.g. material list)
* Refactored all recipe declarations in code to make them easier to find for us.
* Prepare for mining world structures and improved generator
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