Patchnotes 9.6 - More Wood Things, Settings Updates, Backend Changes..

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Patchnotes 9.6 - More Wood Things, Settings Updates, Backend Changes..

Post by Mogubea » Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:08 pm


Hey again! It's been quite some time since the last update and we greatly appreciate the patience you all have shown for us during a bit of a down period for most of the dev team. We assure that we're not dead!

+ Added "Craftland Edition" text to the Main Menu title!
+ Added new Main Menu Panoramas and updated their quality.
+ Added a new "foggy woggy" - pig, to the Mining World and purple fog to the end.
+ Added Pink Slime Blocks.
+ Added "Blacklist" to the Edit Warp GUI.
+ Added NPC Spawn Eggs to the Creative GUI.
+ Added Tooltips when hovering over Potion Effects in the Inventory.
+ Added the ability to craft the Basalt Slab variants.
+ Added the ability to "clean" Ironwool blocks inside of a Cauldron.
+ Added Quest Icons to the Minimap, this can be toggled off in the Rei's Minimap Settings Menu.
+ Added a new achievement.
+ Added RGB portals.

There are now Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Redwood, Fir, Acacia, Dark Oak and Magic Wood Variants of; Wooden Buttons, Trap Doors, Doors, Pressure Plates, Display Cases and Bookcases.
+ Added the ability to craft and place 11 various all-sided log variants, more to come..
+ Added the ability to craft 16 sticks using 2 of these log types.
+ Added the ability to craft 16 skyroot sticks using 2 skyroot or golden oak logs.
+ Added Magic Wood Fence, Fence Gate and Slabs.
+ Added all of these things to the Creative GUI.

* Rescaled all levelled mobs. Level is no longer linear, and difficulty exponentially increases the higher level the mob is (Math.pow(mobLvl, 2.5D) / 35D + 1D)
* Buffed shields.
* Updated the names of the 2 Shadow Skyland Logs to "Light" and "Dark" Shadow Logs.
* Updated the names of Lilypads.
* Updated the Ironwool texture.
* Updated some Tutorials and added more helping text.
* Updated how Shift Clicking works in the Enchanting Table GUI.
* Updated the NPC GUI in correlation to a new Edit NPC permission for Game Worlds.
* Improved breaking VFX for Metal Chests and Wooden Signs.
* Improved the Main Menu GUI a little, should be less text clashing.
* Improved the Edit Warp GUI; More pleasant to look at and use.
* Improved the Edit Protection GUI; Block Preview when displaying Doors, Signs and Monster Spawners.
* Improved the Platinum Shop GUI; Entries with multiple items now cycle which item is previewed.
* Improved the Staff Menu GUI; Menus are now categorised, buttons are bigger and highlight the appropriate menu.
* "Fire Spread" Region Flag now disables fire from Lightning Strikes.
* Dropping an NPC in Egg form will now provide a bit more information about the NPC.
* Flesh Liches now take extreme amounts of damage when exposed to sunlight.
* Flesh Liches now take more damage and take longer to fire their attacks.
* Bone Knights now take more damage when exposed to sunlight.
* Broken Keys now have an Item Value, allowing them to be used to feed the Boss Spawner at /arena.
* Hammers, Bows and Shears now show up in the Tool section of the Player Shop.
* Cakes now stack up to 16.
* Nerfed Spicy Chicken Soup hunger and saturation bonuses, but it now cures Frozen and Frostbite debuffs.
* Removed the recipe book.

Settings Menus have been better compacted and categorised where you'd expect them to be.
* Biome Colours is now permanently turned on with the option removed.

Hoes now classify as a "Tool" and have been updated to replicate their Vanilla functionality.
* Hoes can now be enchanted with Efficiency, Unbreaking, Fortune and Silk Touch.
* Hoes can now be used to harvest Leaves, Hay and Glowstone blocks very quickly.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed Paxels being slow on Dirt blocks.
* Fixed the Inventory Tutorial being outdated.
* Fixed Bookcase textures and drops.
* Fixed an Inventory Desync error in the Enchanting Table GUI.
* Fixed "x" from showing up on Items that can still be used within Regions.
* Fixed the texture on the underside of Blast Furnaces.
* Fixed a lighting error when using the Edit NPC GUI.
* Fixed some crashes when Shift Clicking in the Edit NPC GUI.
* Fixed Carpenter Blocks from not accepting any Chisel-able Blocks.
* Fixed Cherry, Dark and Bamboo leaves from randomly dropping Damage Value 8 variants of themselves.
* Fixed the missing Elysian Dungeon Loot Key prefix in announcements when winning hats from Elysian Dungeons.
* Fixed being able to blacklist users from Special Warps.
* Fixed flying cow crash.
* Fixed particles from phoenix armour covering vision.
* Fixed vote screen null crash.

Some Behind the Scene/Special Changes
* Pig went ahead and removed all pointless Bukkit Entity classes behind the scenes, there is a chance that there will be entity related bugs somewhere after this update, please report them when you see them! It will help a lot!
* Modified how some blocks are textured to free up some texture space.
* Some random server values have been moved to a Database to allow for live changes with my own cool GUI, yay!
* Monster Hunt values have been moved to a Database to allow for live changes.
* A lot of Class Refactoring to help with Optimisation and reading the code in general.
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