I'm Jet, hello~ :D

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Re: I'm Jet, hello~ :D

Post by Red » Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:40 pm

Just want to make a few changes to this for you

Hey everyone, I'm new to the Server, would be nice if y'all could help me out and tell me how things work.
I actually joined back in 2012, but lost interest because I don't have any friends. I hope you all have a great Day and like the way I am :).

Or so the introduction would've gone 6 Months ago when I went active again.. xD.

I think most of you know me as the Helper SaltMaster, I like gathering materials, even if it's just monotonous working with one thing. Not the best at CS and I like to get to know People.
Most of the People actually are really nice and probably appreciate me being kind, too.
So thanks for all of you who made me enjoy Craftland so far and I'm hoping I did a decent Job on being Helper on the Server (I know I have my flaws and actually sometimes don't even pay attention to Chat, I also want to have the Right to play :P).
Anyways to those who don't know me:
I'm SaltyJet(My IRL name is kind of not a public thing :P), 19 Years old, my Birthday is the 10th of November (one day after Red's such an ameture), I live in Germany.
People told me so far that I'm apparently kind, patient, not very smart and forgetful, so yeah if you want to make your own Opinion just write me a private message ingame, I'll gladly answer that and smalltalk a little :).

Anyways I think that's about it. Thanks for taking your time to read that nonsense and leave a respond :D !
Have a nicely Day and see you around on Craftland~

SaltyJet out~

(Love ya really jet, keep up the good work! (and stop working on your kitchen, play some CS ya pleb))
~Red :cheesy:

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