Patchnotes 9.4 - Platinum, Quests Rework + Easter Event!

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Patchnotes 9.4 - Platinum, Quests Rework + Easter Event!

Post by Mogubean » Sun Apr 12, 2020 3:24 am

Woo! Another big patch with loads to read!
(Special thanks to Recontrex, Nox and devinhamster for donating to my Ko-Fi after last patch! It really does mean a lot! :thumbsup:)

Easter 2020 Event!
Yipee! There is a light amongst the darkness. It's another event with things for players to do and exclusive goodies for players to collect! As usual, larger events like these will be lasting a month!

You can access the Easter event via the /event corner at spawn, or by using /easter in-game!
This event was made by Saya and yours truly, with the skins being provided by Lisa and Caity!

Platinum System + Platinum Store
With the soon-to-be removed Credit shop, Vote Shop and Boss Medals, comes a brand new system to take their place. One big universal, and more refined, system rather than a bunch of tiny outdated systems! Here's some information on how the new system works!


* First off, all players' Vote Points have been converted into Platinum.
* Secondly, an NPC has been added to spawn, called the "Medal Yoinker". He will happily take your Boss Medals and convert them into Platinum. The rate of conversion is 2 medals for 1 Platinum.
* Players can spend Platinum on the Vote Wheel and Platinum Store!

The platinum store's items will rotate daily! Some items will only be available on a specific day of the week!
Also, it is important to note that the Platinum Store hasn't been fully stocked yet, so stay tuned for a bunch of new items!

Reworked Quest System
The Daily Quest System served its purpose for some time, giving players something minor to do while playing Craftland. However, the rewards and purpose of it slowly became more redundant over time, and because of this, it's time for a rework! And what better time to introduce a rework than alongside another rework? Perfect!

Quests are no longer just a simple "pink achievement" in the Achievements GUI. They now have their own GUI! Woo!
To save this list of patchnotes being exceptionally long, here's a short list of what this system entails;

* Players can now do an infinite amount of Quests each day.
* The first 5 generated quests of each day automatically have 2x the rewards. Re-rolling will remove this bonus.
* Quests progressively get more difficult the more a player completes each day.
* Players can re-roll a quest they don't like for a small fee. Quests that are unlikely to be completed cost less.
* Quests do not give out items, but rather, they give out coins and platinum.
* The amount of feathers on a Quest tells the player the difficulty level (Difficulties range from 1 to 7).

Bag o' Treats
A Soulbound Bag o' Treats is a bottomless bag that can store an infinite amount of Halloween Candy and can be purchased at /docks for 2,500,000 coins. It is highly advisable to not purchase more than one as their passive bonuses do not stack. The Bag o' Treats item rarity and speed bonus increase with the amount of candy that a player has stored inside of it!

+ Added a "Divider" mechanic to Hopper Ducts. This setting allows for items to be evenly divided among all available filter pipes (the pink pipes). Any left over items due to full containers will exit through the main pipe.
+ Added "Giant Slayer" Enchantment (Deals more damage to high level mobs, reduced damage to low level mobs).
+ Added "Sniper" Enchantment (Fully charged shots deal extra damage based on flight time).
+ Added a Rainbow Glint.
+ Added a Rainbow Incandescent Artifact.
+ Added the ability to disenchant Flux Crocus, Lunar Crocus and Amaranth into Flux.

Diamond Bladed Saw
* Diamond Bladed Saw can now chop wood similar to an Overworld Axe.
* Upped Diamond Bladed Saw durability to match Diamond tools.
* Added a description onto Diamond Bladed Saws to better describe their use.
* Diamond Bladed Saw now renders similarly to a tool or weapon.

Enderman Boss Changes (Mostly Nerfs)
* Enderminion HP has been reduced by 25 (50 for Super Boss).
* Killing an Enderminion now does double damage to a Super Boss.
* Scheduled abilities now occur every 3,000 (from 1,500) HP for a Super Boss.
* Significantly lowered the chance for an on-attack ability to occur.
* Added a 3 second cooldown whenever an on-attack ability occurs.
* Shooting an Enderman Boss now inflicts Wither IV, rather than Wither III.
* Fixed the Enderman Boss randomly deciding to stop attacking

* The /voteshop has been replaced with the Platinum Store!
* Axes now only lose 1 durability when used to attack enemies.
* The mining world has been reset!
* All animals now drop at least 1-3 experience.
* Significantly buffed the effectiveness of Bone Meal on vanilla crops.
* Slightly buffed the effectiveness of Bone Meal on modded crops.
* Experience and Flux bars are now a bit more animate when collecting Experience and Flux.
* Made the Experience and Flux level text a little more vibrant.
* Furniture now stacks up to 16. This includes Craftland Chairs and Display Cases.
* Mob Spawn Eggs and Empty Spawn Eggs now stack up to 64 (this excludes reusables).
* Aether Dungeon Loot Keys now stack up to 8, similar to other Dungeon Loot Keys.
* Brewing Stands now have a custom collision ray trace, similar to Vanilla (AKA. Hitbox is better).
* Blast Furnaces now output Soul Flames when the "Zanite Flame" is active.
* Blast Furnaces and Smokers can now accept the exact same fuels as Furnaces.
* Valkyrie Swords and Bows will no longer despawn or burn.
* Hovering over a player's name in chat will now display their ID.
* Changed the "Hold Shift for more info" Tool Tip on items to "Hold [Shift] for more info!"
* Reduced the brightness when hovering over list entries in the GUI.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed Withers not summoning.
* Fixed not being able to manually place items inside of Blast Furnaces.
* Fixed Blast Furnaces "Zanite Flame" feature, which has a 50% chance to double the output!
* Fixed being unable to throw Ender Pearls into your own regions.
* Fixed Ender Pearls, for real this time.
* Fixed the Revenant Greataxe not losing durability when attacking enemies.
* Fixed NPC's not saving their "Display Item" properly.
* Fixed "Accumulator" constantly trying to change its name back to "Infinity".
* Fixed tagged items having an extra line of empty tooltip space when they don't have any readable lore.
* Fixed symbol with unicode "\u00C2" appearing in the Credits whenever a new color is used.
* Synced item values.
Ex-Owner of Craftland :thumbsup:

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Re: Patchnotes 9.4 - Platinum, Quests Rework + Easter Event!

Post by Saya » Sun Apr 12, 2020 3:28 am

A special thanks goes to Lisa and Caity. These two put in so much work helping us with costumes and model blocks. Taking such a small suggestion or idea and turning into a great model block or skin. You are both masters of your crafts!

Lisa who even dealing with being sick and things going on in her life still was able to make things simply on request. Needed a model block.. Give her an idea and Done. She was so quick to send things she was making or had ideas for. Ideas for things we did not even think to add but as soon as we saw them.. it was " Ohh bea we need to ad this. Look at what she made" She was such a great mind reader too. She came up with so many cute wings.. I was always so impressed at how much she was reading my mind. I no sooner thought of something that day by the next without even telling her I had a pic of it sent to me to show me she was working on it. She did such a fantastic job working on not only model blocks but, skins and was ready to make what was ever needed. Always sending things and ready to help without a second thought or hesitation. Lisa you showed what truly a talented skin and creator with model blocks you are. We owe you more thanks then words can say to you. You are truly one of a kind <3

Lets not forget Caity though. Her crafting skins and her way with model blocks shows and showcases her talents as well. Even though she had classes and things that preoccupied her she was still able to help out with what we needed done. With a wave of her skills she crafted wonderful model blocks. Her skins were always amazing no matter what event she releases them for and this one was no acceptation. She even had blocks that were unreleased and as soon as we saw them.. They were instantly added and used and you can see them through the event many used several times over since they were that nice.

Lets not forget the spawn area for the event. We did not have time to make one for it since were were so busy working on everything else that you two decided to help out with it too. Such a beautiful one just like for Valentine's day. Another masterpiece to enjoy for a month.

Lisa and Caity's talents do not get appreciated enough in my option. They showed with this event how talented they both are and in their own right should be given high praise for all that they did to help get great skins out there for all to enjoy. You both are amazing and can not be thanked enough for all your hard work, talent and efforts.

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Re: Patchnotes 9.4 - Platinum, Quests Rework + Easter Event!

Post by Lucipo » Sun Apr 12, 2020 4:00 am

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