Patchnotes 9.3 - St. Patricks, Ender Pearl Changes + Bug Fixes

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Patchnotes 9.3 - St. Patricks, Ender Pearl Changes + Bug Fixes

Post by Mogubea » Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:13 am

St. Patricks 2020 Event!
Woo! A new event! This event consists of 5 daily quests to choose from (of which you can do 3 each day) with plenty of new skin rewards. This event has a few new smaller mechanics that I'm trying alongside 3 new exclusive fish!

This smallish event will last 2 weeks.
You can access the event via the /event corner at spawn, or by using /stpatricks in-game!

+ Added a new NPC to spawn which allows players to exchange their unused Aether Loot Keys for loot!
+ Added the Clipping Enchantment, can only be applied to Shears at a max of level 2.
+ Event NPC's now play a villager noise when being spoken to.
+ NPC's can now have an item displayed over their head, similar to a villager.
+ Added Large Mug of Beer (Used in the St. Patricks event).
+ Added the ability for Admins to add custom colored item borders to items.
+ Added more sounds and swinging animations to random actions.

* Shears can now be enchanted with Unbreaking and Clipping.
* Projectiles now fire from your crosshair, rather than slightly right of it.
* Ender Pearls and Sword of Ender now glow red when in an area where you cannot use them.
* Ender Pearls now function slightly differently, reducing the amount of glitches that exist.
* Players can no longer Ender Pearl into an area where Region Flag TP_TO is disabled.
* Bamboo can now be used as a very weak fuel.
* 2 Bamboo can now be used to craft 1 Stick.
* The boss bar now has a new texture and layout!
* The boss bar now slides in and out when approaching/escaping a boss.
* Players should now be able to interact with Anvils and Workbenches when in an Event World.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed Model Blocks not displaying their proper cased names.
* Fixed normal portals from using the wrong portal effect.
* Fixed Ender Pearls from playing the wrong portal effect when being thrown.
* Fixed Ender Pearls from ignoring the "Portal Particles" option.
* Fixed Aether Portals from ignoring the "Portal Particles" option.
* Fixed Honey Blocks jump restriction not applying properly.
* Fixed Bees Nests not keeping their maximum of 4 bees per nest on server restart.
* Fixed Bees randomly yeeting themselves 15 blocks into the air.
* Fixed Beacons dropping Stone.
* Fixed a crash when shift clicking non-blocks into any container that uses burning fuel.
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