Patchnotes 9.24 - Bees, for real this time + Valentines!

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Patchnotes 9.24 - Bees, for real this time + Valentines!

Post by Mogubea » Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:54 am

Woo! Fixes! Valentines! Beeeeees!

+ Bees have been re-enabled!
+ Valentines Event 2020! Access it by using /warp valentines
+ Added a swinging animation when opening a Loot Bag.
+ Added the Cherry Blossom Name Tag.
+ Added Cherry Blossoms.
+ Added 2 new achievements! One relating to Valentines, one relating to the new Enderman boss!

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a logic error with Bee Hives when harvesting Honeycombs.
* Fixed Golems not absorbing the ingot/gem used when repairing them.
* Fixed being able to access the Celestial Name Tag when it should've been the Gold Rush Name Tag.
* Fixed being unable to set an McMMO cape despite being level 1,200.
* Fixed several Null Pointer's in the new Valentine's Event!
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