Patchnotes 9.2 - Beendon

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Patchnotes 9.2 - Beendon

Post by Mogubea » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:34 am

Woah! Patch 9.2!
(Thank you very much to Recontrex, nickmcski, chriskjpk and Lisa for donating to my Ko-Fi page after last patch!)


Holy.. I didn't realize how long these patchnotes were.. :P

+ Added an Enderman Arena Boss!
+ Added Respawn Sickness. This effect is afflicted onto VIP+ users, for 10 minutes, on respawn.
** This effect scales with rank, and reduces the amount of damage you deal. Can be cured with a Remedy Bucket.
+ Added Brown Mooshrooms!
+ Added Soul Fire Torches. A weaker, but blue, version of torches.
+ Added Soul Soil. Igniting a normal fire on this block will instead light a Cold Fire.
+ Added the 'Sword of Ender', obtainable from the Enderman boss!
+ Added Cat Collars! And similarly to Dogs, you can color your cat's collar by using dyes.
+ Added the ability to craft 6 kinds of hats in the Loom! More features coming soon!
+ Added a "Server Warp" section to the Warps GUI for handpicked warps by our staff!
+ Added Carrot Juice! Made with.. well, carrots! Grants Night Vision when consumed!
+ Added a Goldrush Name Tag, which is unlocked after winning 15 Gold Rushes.
+ Added a "Daily Quest Cape", which is unlocked after completing 50 Daily Quests.
+ Added the ability to heal Iron, Gold and Diamond Golems.
+ Added Bronze, Silver and Gold dungeon loot tables to the /loot GUI.
+ Added a Pickup Filter Shortcut to the Inventory ([F] button at the top right).
+ Added 9 new achievements to Craftland!
+ Added a few Craftland-unique splashes to the Main Menu, maybe you'll see one soon!

+ Added Bees, Golden Bees and Rainbow Bees to Craftland!
** Information:
+ Added Honey Blocks! Very sticky blocks that you can slide down, but can't jump off of!
+ Added Honey Bottles! Can be consumed to restore hunger, cure Poison and Aether Poison!
+ Added Honeycombs! These can be used to craft Honeycomb Blocks and Beehives!
+ Added Bee Nests and Beehives! Homes for our Bees.. And they can be privated!

Hand Animations
+ Added a hand animation when shearing or dyeing Sheep.
+ Added a hand animation when breeding animals.
+ Added a hand animation when using buckets.
- Removed a hand animation when trying to eat cake when full on hunger.
- Removed a hand animation when trying to press buttons too fast.

* Server Chunk Load Distance has been increased from 8 to 12.
* Dying in a dungeon no longer drops your inventory, but will instead damage your armor slightly.
**XP and Flux still get dropped, and life shard hearts are still lost!
* Killing a First Mate now has a 0.5% - 3.3% chance to drop a Pirate Dungeon Key.
* Iron, Gold and Diamond Golems now display cracks on their bodies as they lose health.
* Nerfed the effectiveness of Swords when destroying blocks.
* Nerfed the difficulty of some Daily Quests.
* Furnaces can now use Boats, Beehives, Skyroot Buckets, Skyroot Sticks and Magic Sticks as fuel.
* Enchanters can now "enchant" Ambrosium Ore and Zanite Ore.
* Enchanters now take slightly longer to repair Valkyrie Swords and Valkyrie Bows.
* Empty Skyroot Buckets now stack up to 16.
* Slime Blocks now slow players down more, similar to Vanilla.
* Slime Blocks now emit a sound when being stepped on.
* Nature Staff is now rendered in 3D on the third person model.
* Double Tallgrass now takes into consideration the type of grass it's on, regardless of biome and world.
* Updated how walls render when there are blocks above them, slightly different from Vanilla 1.16, though.
* When a Cooker is done making gelatin, the resulting Juice item will now always land on top of the Cooker.
* Apple Juice now also grants Speed I when consumed.
* Slightly buffed basic Golden Apples and slightly nerfed OP Healing Stones.
* Slightly buffed Fruit Wood Fishing Rods durability (increased by 4).
* Updated Whirly loot table to contain a larger variety of items.
* Ender Pearls now have a 0.75 second cooldown between throws, similar to Vanilla.
* Ender Eyes now take damage from the sun based on their level, rather than a flat amount.
* Containers now display whether Hoppers are enabled or not, on their hover tool tip.
* Highscores GUI now displays the top 10 players of each category!
* Highscores GUI has been improved slightly.
* Player Info GUI now displays little trophies next to the player's McMMO levels.
* Achievements GUI now properly informs you of the correct Daily Quest stats and progression.
* Achievements GUI now gives Daily Quests a purple trophy when completed.
* The /daily command now pre-searches "Daily Quest I" instead of "Daily Quest".

Main Menu Changes
+ Added a new panorama to celebrate the addition of bees!
+ Added a button that takes players to our website!
* Moved around some buttons, making it look better.
* Button textures have been updated to match 1.15 (having a white outline when hovered)

McMMO Changes + Limit Break
* The maximum level of a skill has been raised from 1,200 to 5,000!
** Level experience scaling past level 1,200 is insanely minuscule, but is purely cosmetic!
* Levels 1,000 - 1,100 now require slightly less XP to level up.
* Levels 1,100 - 1,200 now require drastically less XP to level up.
* Fishing now gives 1.25x more McMMO experience.
* Archery now gives 1.25x more McMMO experience.
* The amount of coins given out for leveling McMMO have been doubled.

Gold Rush
* Monster Spawners now grant 15 points during Gold Rush.
* Gold Rush now gives out 2,500 to third place contenders.
* Gold Rush now gives out 2 Diamonds or 2 Enchanted Gravitite to each contender.
* Announcements now grab the player's hover-able name, rather than just a white name.

Vampire Blade
* Damage is now 8 instead of "7 or 10".
* Vampric Healing is now 2 instead of "2 or 1".
* Now has +1 Additional Reach!
* Can now be repaired in the Enchanter.
* Fixed the Vampire Blade's tooltip.
- Removed the two types of Vampire Blade that existed (tags still exist, but have no effect).

* Fixed trying to place and pickup water when using Buckets and Skyroot Buckets.
* Fixed an Inventory Desync when shift clicking "enchantables" into an Enchanter.
* Fixed a global Inventory Desync when shift clicking a large stack of an item, onto a smaller stack.
* Fixed explosions being able to push bosses.
* Fixed Blackberry Bushes disguising themselves as Arctic Dungeon Stone.
* Fixed Skyroot Buckets from vanishing when trying to consume a liquid from them.
* Fixed Skyroot Buckets from glitching out when placing and collecting water.
* Fixed being able to spam the same button in the /loot GUI.
* Fixed Slider and Valkyrie boss fight Daily Quests always displaying the Sun Spirit Daily Quest description.
* Fixed being able to create withers using bridged Soul Sand.
* Fixed rails always placing north/south if there's no rails to attach to (A vanilla bug ;)).
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Re: Patchnotes 9.2 - Beendon

Post by Crovan » Mon Feb 10, 2020 2:40 am

Holy moly not bad!
If u plan on adding elytras at some point feel free to forward me all the cape textures and I will repixel them accordingly! Just hit me up on Discord

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