Patchnotes 9.1 - Cats, Doors, Fixes and Additions!

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Patchnotes 9.1 - Cats, Doors, Fixes and Additions!

Post by Mogubea » Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:23 pm

Huzzah, we've reached the next version of Craftland! Version 9.1! Here are the patchnotes!
Also, thanks alot to Recontrex, Caity, Lisa and a private donator for donating to my Ko-Fi page, it means alot! ;)


+ Added the 8 new Vanilla cat variants (Plus an exclusive Blue cat variant)!
+ Added 8 kinds of Fruit Doors! (Apple, Pear, Plum, Lemon, Peach, Cherry, Mango and Kiwi)!
+ Added Skyroot Doors (Craftable using 6 Skyroot Planks)!
+ Added Skyroot Chests (Craftable using 8 Skyroot Planks)!
+ Added Grass Paths (Created by right clicking Grass, Aether Grass or Shadow Grass with a Shovel)!
+ Added the "Kaleidoscopic Shine" legendary hat effect!
+ Added the "Enchanted Nature Staff". This is an upgraded version of the Nature Staff and can affect a large radius of sitting/following entities rather than just one (Craftable in the Enchanter).
+ Added the ability to search for effects in the Player Shop GUI!
+ Added reward announcements for Silver and Gold Dungeons!
+ Added the ability for Gold Rush to record your highscores! This, ofcourse, comes along a highscore table of your Highscores. I heard you like Highscores, so I made a highscore table of your highscores.
+ Added the ability to record Golden Aechor Plant kills.
+ Added 13 new achievements!

* No Lifer has been given more public and private warps. They've also been given a larger LWC limit!
* All door recipes now result in 3 doors rather than 1.
* Skyroot Fence recipe now results in 3 fences rather than 6.
* Cooking Pots now display the amount of items inside of it with magical floating text.
* Haha! The durability of Tourmaline Pickaxes have been doubled! (Increased to 4992 from 2496)!
* Squeezer durability has been lowered by 1 to allow for a perfect '4 stacks of juice crafting experience'.
* Holding a Nature Staff will now tint all followers pink with a pink exclamation point above them.
* Players no longer lose hearts when dying in a "Keep Inventory" flagged world/region.
* Simplified the Gravitite Beacon GUI by removing pointless buttons and centering icons.
* Tourmaline Blocks can now fuel a Gravitite Beacon.
* Quicksoil Glass can now alter the color of a Beacon Beam.
* An Infusement Altar's "Star" will now change into the color of the fuel you've added to it!
* Swapping between items in your Hotbar now display their rarity border rather than generic purple!
* Dungeon Loot announcements now display their Loot Key as a prefix of the announcement!
* Aether Keys now follow the naming format of "DUNGEON Dungeon Loot Key" rather than "DUNGEON key".
* Aether Dungeon Loot Keys are now Uncommon rarity.
* Deepvale and Skyland Dungeon Loot Keys are now rare rarity.
* Hoeing Coarse Dirt will now result in Dirt, rather than Farmland.
* Updated the Zanite Block texture to look less boring.
* Fire Fighter achievement names have been updated to flow better.

Shop/Money Related
* Shop Chest Price Limit has been raised to 50,000,000 from 9,999,999 Coins!
* Shop Chest prices are now formatted, allowing for easier recognition of larger numbers.
* Server and Player Shop's prices in their GUI's are now formatted for the same reason.
* Player Shop GUI now displays the Double Click/Loading messages in a better spot rather than floating in space.
* Bank Account Coin Limit has been raised to 1,000,000,000 from 100,000,000 Coins!
* Bank Account Creation cost has been raised to 25,000 from 2,000 Coins.
* Bank Accounts now have a 0.25% tax when making a deposit.

* Item Tool Tips that include an effect duration will now, always, be written in gray.
* Negative Potion Effects in the Effect GUI will now be shown with a light red tint.
* Level 5 Potion Effects will now have the "V" roman numeral accompanying it in the Effect GUI.
* Changed the name of the "Fly" effect to "Flight" with a yellow tint.
* Changed the name of the "Godmode" effect to "Invincibility" with a yellow tint.

* Fixed an issue where placing a Stained Glass Pane above a Beacon Beam would corrupt that color from ever showing up in Beacon Beams or sheep fleece again.
* Fixed inconsistencies between the Server and Client of what is considered a "Beacon that can see the sky".
* Fixed incredibly weird collision issues with Hopper Ducts. Yes, that includes creepers phasing through them.
* Fixed the Slider from looking like he's half-asleep whilst fighting you.
* Fixed Daily Quest Highscores.
* Fixed glint rendering on the Effects GUI.
* Fixed players from also eating the bowl when finishing a bowl of delicious cooked stew.
* Fixed the awkwardly silent hoeing of Shadow and Aether Grass.
* Fixed Shadow Grass deciding to become Dirt Farmland, as opposed to Aether Farmland, after being hoed.
* Fixed Infusement Altars from losing their animated star during Infusement if there's no fuel left.
* Fixed Infusement Altars from losing the girth of their lasers if there's no fuel left.
* Fixed the "Inventory" string inside of the Beacon GUI from rendering way too high.
* Fixed a crash that can occur when hammering.
* Added name mapping for container.garderobe. You're welcome.
* Added name mapping for placed Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak and Shoji Doors.. You will no longer see some silly string when protecting your doors!
* Removed the "Edit Filter" button from Minecart Hoppers as it shouldn't have existed in the first place.
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Re: Patchnotes 9.1 - Cats, Doors, Fixes and Additions!

Post by Datte » Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:36 pm

No prob dood. :D
Hehe. . .

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