Patchnotes 9.04 - Bouncy Beds, Bug Fixes and Quality of Life additions

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Patchnotes 9.04 - Bouncy Beds, Bug Fixes and Quality of Life additions

Post by Beandon » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:30 am

Woah, another patch! But what's it called? Patch.. uh.. hmm.. Let's just call it 9.04! Here are the patchnotes!

Crows Hallow - Carnival Extension!
The carnival is in town! Check out the brand new quests, daily quests and traders at Crows Hallow!
Get your ticket at /warp Mr Murdercrows Masterpiece!

+ When re-spawning or using /return, players are now granted 10 seconds of God Mode!
+ Blast Furnaces can now smelt clay, netherrack, cobblestone and sand.
+ Cookers now return glass bottles when filling up with water.
+ Players can now warp out of dungeons!
+ Added bouncy beds!
+ Added Hellfire Glowstone!
+ Added the "Celestial" Name Tag.
+ Added the /relog command. This is simply a shortcut to [ESC] -> Reconnect.
+ Added the /fishtime command (Also known as /isitmiddayyet).
+ Added the /fastfilterpaste command. Similar to /fasthoppertoggle, this command allows you to right click a hopper, boosted hopper or hopper duct and paste your currently copied filter.
+ Updated, implemented and fixed several salvage recipes.
+ Added "Fast Hopper Toggle" and "Fast Filter Paste" flags. When enabled, these flags will display at the top left of the players screen when using either of these "fast options"

Fixes & Changes
* Daily Quests have been fixed!
* Wither, Falling, Poison, Frostbite, Hunger etc.. no longer damages armor.
* The /tp command now costs 20% less for addicts, 35% less for no lifers and 50% less for immortals.
* Improved the rate of getting better Protection Values when unsealing Perfect Diamond armor.
* Fixed being able to salvage Soulbound items.
* Quivers can now accept regular arrows.
* Fixed Bows from charging when trying to use an empty Quiver slot to fire.
* McMMO Sharp Shot no longer penetrates player armor, but instead deals bonus damage.
* Macros now take client commands (such as /night, /relog and /fastfilterpaste) into consideration.
* Swapped the "Jolly Candy Cane" Name Tag for "Frozen Solid".
* Spectral Shovel and Spectral Pickaxe now deal 2 more damage.
* Fixed Gold Rush giving out the wrong hat when winning an Unusual hat.
* Fixed the Tourmaline Pickaxe from displaying the wrong amount of damage on its tool tip.
* Fixed Mini Game Reward announcements from spamming whenever 10 players logged in.
* Increased the amount of time between Mini Game Reward announcements.
* Fixed taking fall damage from having enhanced jump height.
* Fixed being able to "enchant" fishing rods in the Enchanter.
* Fixed Shadow Vines from being tinted.
* Fixed a Cooker sync error.

Bug Fixes from Recent Patches (11/11/2019)
* Players no longer recieve God Mode when /return'ing into pvp zones.
* Mini Game announcements should be fixed this time.. For real.
* Fixed the Loot Hoarder quest in Crows Hallow.
* Fixed Grim being shrunk before doing the shrinking quest in Crows Hallow.
* Fixed being able to open Loot Chests in dungeons before defeating the boss.
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