Patchnotes 8.9 - The Pre-Big Update (Summer Event, Vote Change, Effects etc)!

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Patchnotes 8.9 - The Pre-Big Update (Summer Event, Vote Change, Effects etc)!

Post by Mogubea » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:58 pm

Hey guys, it's been a little while since our last patch, but please don't kill us! We have some big things planned.. But for the moment, here are the patchnotes for update 8.9!

Mini Summer Event
A mini summer event has been released! You can get there by using the portal in the Event Corner at spawn or by using the /summer command! This Event has a custom VoteWheel table and a slightly different take on how to obtain rewards compared to normal.

* This Event includes 3 quests that you can complete daily.
* Completing Quests will reward you with Frozen Popsicles, which can be used for trade or at the Summer NPC.
* This Event has 2 exclusive achievements!
* Custom Vote Wheel.

+ Added the Summer Event!
+ Added some more loot to the Snowman boss!
+ Added some model blocks.
+ Added an achievement for spinning the VoteWheel 10 times!
+ Added the Frozen Effect (Not used much yet)!
+ Added the Frostbite Effect, this is a progressive effect that gets worse the higher level it is! Each level gives the player slight slowness and mining fatigue, with level 3 freezing the hotbar and level 4 dealing damage over time (Not used much yet)!
+ Added the Cold Resistance Effect, while this effect is active, both Frozen and Frostbite effects expire twice as fast! And will soon resist against cold damage (spoilers :O)
+ Added the Frozen Popsicle! (These will be used during the Summer Event)
+ Added the Navy Gummie Swet! (grants Cold Resistance and Resistance, made in the Freezer)
+ Chest Rendering FAST option now renders Iron, Gold and Diamond chests similarly to how a regular chest would be rendered in FAST.
+ Added some more live loot editing tools for debuggers (mostly for me heh).

Fixes & Changes
Vote Changes
Previously, when voting, players with the Premium rank would be given bonus Vote Points. This is no longer the case. From now on the amount of points earned are based off of playtime ranks;
* VIPs now gain 2 Vote Points when voting!
* Addicts now gain 3 Vote Points when voting!
* Immortals now gain 4 Vote Points when voting!
Additionally, for newer players, the amount of coins earned when voting has been doubled!

The VoteWheel has also gotten a bit of love;
* The VoteWheel now works off of the same loot system that Dungeons and Arena does.
* The VoteWheel now records your total amount of spins permanently.
* The VoteWheel now gradually increases the chance of rare items appearing and lowers the chance of common items appearing in a fixed manor (was previously percentage based) when not receiving a rare item (You should see super rare items appear a bit more often when on a loss streak).

* Ice Sword now inflicts Frozen instead of Slowness.
* Updated the Tourmaline Block texture.
* Fixed the UI in the Main Menu being slightly too high.
* Reduced the number of stars in the skybox when in the Spawn World.
* Reduced the number of stars in the skybox when graphic settings is set to FAST.
* Removed //undo from /copyflippaste.
* Fixed flickering on areas of little blocks
* Fixed the //flip command
* Apply LOD to armours blocks in spawn world, this should increase FPS significantly
* Add support for mixed CTM resolutions
* Load hardcoded CTM paths from default resource packs
* Many "behind the scene" bug fixes.
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