Fishing MicroEvent Redux

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Fishing MicroEvent Redux

Post by Mogubea » Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:26 am


The Fishing MicroEvent is back with a whole new look! New map, new traders, a new hat effect and ofcourse, more money to make!

We've re-enabled the previous achievements for those that weren't able to get them last year:
* Let's go-lo! (Fish 25 Lekgolo during the new Fishing Event!)
* Can I Ax-olotl you a question? (Fish 50 Axolotl during the new Fishing Event!)
* The newest and rarest species (Fish 3 Sangheili during the new Fishing Event!)

And for those that don't know what new fish are added within this event, here they are:
* Flameback (500xp upon catching)
* Yanmee (1000xp upon catching)
* Lekgolo (2000xp upon catching)
* Axolotl (3000xp upon catching)
* Sangheili (4000xp upon catching)

Additionally, similar to last year, this event introduces a load of mini events such as MultiBob, NaturalSelection, OnlyFish and much more!

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