Patchnotes 8.81 - Monsterhunt Table, Mini Modifications, Additions and Bug Fixes

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Patchnotes 8.81 - Monsterhunt Table, Mini Modifications, Additions and Bug Fixes

Post by Mogubea » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:28 am

Ah, it's about that time isn't it? Time for a brand new batch of patchnotes fresh out of the Craftland oven! Here are the patchnotes for Version 8.81!

+ The Loot Hoarder now has an additional two tables (Monsterhunt and.. well, you'll see soon)!
+ Added a new rare hat effect, Fishy!
+ Added a new status effect, Ichor! Entities that have this effect will take additional physical damage.
+ Added the ability to ping players and staff groups in chat (EG. @Beandon)!
+ New Pirate Dungeon loot has been added!
+ New Monster Hunt loot has been added!
+ Item Frames can now rotate at 8 angles rather than 4.
+ Shearing Sheepuff now makes a sound.
+ Dyeing Sheep and Sheepuff now makes a sound.

Fixes & Changes
* The Mining World has been reset.
* All Dungeon Loot tables have been pushed into one system. This allows for easy debugging and changes for the programmers! Additionally, for the most part, all loot should be just as rare/common as they were before.
* Name Change Cost has been reduced from 500,000 Coins to 300,000 Coins.
* Priate and Silver Dungeon Keys now get added directly to the inventory upon defeating the boss.
* Flesh Lich Fireballs now inflict Ichor for several seconds.
* Prizes for Minigames are no longer announced when there are less than 10 players online.
* Aha! The durability of Ender Bags has been doubled!
* Fixed Valkyrie Queen floating desyncs (this should prevent most glitchy visuals from now on).
* Fixed the occasional loot not being recorded within Bronze, Silver and Gold Dungeons.
* Fixed Candle never dropping from Gold Dungeons.
* Fixed Little Blocks from dropping naturally mined versions of the blocks they contain when destroyed.
* Fixed Candy and Lollypops saturation level, consumption time and tooltip.
* Food now takes a minimum of 10 ticks to consume (this should hopefully prevent any accidental consumptions).
* Improvements to the Tutorial System.

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