Patchnotes 8.77 - Easter VoteWheel, Flux Altar Changes, Bug Fixes

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Patchnotes 8.77 - Easter VoteWheel, Flux Altar Changes, Bug Fixes

Post by Mogubea » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:06 pm

Mini Serverside Patch (23/04/2019)
* Easter - Fixed players having permanent* double egg loot if they never turn in the "Egg Hunt" task.


Mini Serverside Patch (21/04/2019)
* Fixed disenchant value for Tourmaline and Tourmaline equipment.
* Nerfed disenchant value for Citrine Hanging Lights.
* Fixed a serious problem with the Flux Altar.
* Easter - No longer spams Global.
* Easter - Broadcasts have more colour to them, when they do happen.
* Easter - Can no longer obtain rare loot from Egg Bugs if you're not assigned the "Kill Egg Bugs" task.
* Easter - "Find Eggs" task can no longer give out rare egg tasks. Additionally, the normal egg requirement has been changed from 0-5 to 5-25.
* Easter - Golden eggs are now rarer.


Welcome to the patchnotes for version 8.77! These patchnotes come at a small fee of: all of your chocolate easter eggs. Not joking by the way.

+ Added the Easter VoteWheel (Easter Event coming soon)!
- For this event only, the rare item appearance bonus has been increased by 200%!
+ Added the Flux Amulet (Bonus protection based on Flux Level).
+ Added the Dark Aercloud (replaces aercloud6).
+ Added the Hammer (Can currently be used to rotate hoppers and hopper ducts).
+ Added a Crafting Recipe for the Hammer.
+ Added the ability to bonemeal Shadow Grass!
+ Tempests now have a chance to drop a Regular Aercloud or Dark Aercloud on death.

Flux Altar Changes
+ Added the ability to conjure a Flux Amulet.
+ Added the ability to conjure a Purple Aercloud.
* Conjuring an item within the Flux Altar now requires 1x Blizz Powder!
* UI Changes to go with this change + Alot more blue.
* Cost changes:
  • Blade of the Elysians cost from 1,500 Flux Levels -> 1,250 Flux Levels
  • All Shadow Moa Eggs cost from 100 Flux Levels -> 75 Flux Levels
  • Molten Flux Block cost from 10 Flux Levels -> 4 Flux Levels
  • Blue Present cost from 5 Flux Levels -> 4 Flux Levels
* Fixed not being able to shift click some convertable items into the Flux Altar.

Other Changes/Fixes
* Fixed being able to toss items into hoppers with containers above them.
* Fixed the hover offset in chat when using Timestamps.
* Fixed the word "Inventory" from showing up in the wrong places in several GUI's.
* Fixed being able to exceed the warp give limit by giving warps to players.
- (This change also implies that you can no longer send warps to offline users)
* Extended Flying Beacon "fly" effect to 9 seconds rather than 5, to hopefully prevent randomly losing flight.
* Slightly lowered the chance for Arena Loot in Elysian Dungeons.
* Slightly lowered the amount of Dungeon Blocks obtained from Elysian Dungeons.
* Plasma Aercloud now classifies as an Uncommon item.
* Possible sound fix.

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Re: Patchnotes 8.77 - Easter VoteWheel, Flux Altar Changes, Bug Fixes

Post by Soulmusician » Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:17 pm


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Re: Patchnotes 8.77 - Easter VoteWheel, Flux Altar Changes, Bug Fixes

Post by Lucipo » Sun Apr 21, 2019 4:25 am

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