Challenging activity (Raid + Story)

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Challenging activity (Raid + Story)

Post by Joshua » Mon Mar 01, 2021 3:14 am

so this is something that i had in mind when i was thinking about the hard mode for the Aether dungeons idea
and i think we make more challenging activities to keep people invested

how about we take Craftland and make an activity and we crank the challenging meter up

Now bare with me on this I wrote these ideas on signs in the game so if everything is not fitting grammatically correct and if people find interest in this ill redo this in like a word doc or something where it fits better together

1. (Start off with back ground stuff before the raid) possible story before the raid is unlocked cant just have it pop out of the blue got to build up a story to the main villain to make you wanna put that mother trucker into the ground.
but the raid will not become active until 4day after the story has launched, give enough time for a decent amount of players to finish the story to unlock the raid. now more into the nitty gritty.

2. during this raid power level skills will not be able to be used, so no raw damage style type activity. this activity will have you rely on your team and your knowledge on the mechanics of each encounters and also normal enchantments

3. the activity will take place above a (dummy copy ) of spawn

4. the activity will require 3-4 players to start with, a maximum of 6 players able to join it.

5.the raid will drop new style and stronger gear with the design fitted to fit the design of the raid and maybe with the possibility of ... 128#p47814 random rolls for armor to be added see the forum post for a concept idea. and a new sword to chase after, soul bound of course don't want a new guy running around with a very very over powered weapon that he just bought from someone or given to him by his friend.

6. the ship must have a royal aspect to it filled with golden objects ,chalices made with the finest gold

7. a 30sec respawn count down

8. on to the encounters of the raid
(encounter #1 a jumping puzzle ) (rewards minor tier items)
(encounter #2 Mabuz, the kings Crazed priest) (the first major boss this boss special mechanic after each damage phase begins a killing mechanic if caught in his gaze you will die, can be avoided by hiding behind certain totems if you can not kill him with in 4 attempts you all die because there will be no hiding spots left encounter restarts from the beginning.) rewards for completing this are medium level gear
(encounter #3 Cyrax, the forgotten kell) a cross between a skeleton and a spider skeleton top spider body, his powers are he has a firebomb caster. to damage this boss a random player in your team will be given a debuff(effect) called (incomplete charge) the player with the the debuff will have kill a certain reinforcement to claim the item to turn the debuff into a(REDACTED) (aka REDACTED) once the player has the (REDACTED) he can then throw the (REDACTED) at the boss, stunning him and then beginning the damage phase you will have 4 chances to complete this if you fail your team dies encounter restarts. (rewards from this are higher tier gear)
(Encounter #4 Rimuru, heir to the throne) this encounter is a ranged weapons only styletype fight the boss can only be damaged by ranged and only by a certain shot which a charged shot aka (shot that can damage the boss only) will drop from one enemy most likely Rimuru (REDACTED), this will need to be done 6 times (summary basically a REDACTED) if all members die you restart the encounter (reward apon completion high level gear)
(encounter #5 final encounter (REDACTED), King of all) this is it the final boss the king himself haven't got a name yet for him or her, this encounter will be the most challenging of them all. this is a beast with wings lit aflame with the powers of the light and the dark that can be summoned with his sword that can be won with the name (REDACTED), now i wont reveal all the mechanics because I would be spoiling it, but lets just say this man has alot of blinding attacks if you get his by him its taking alot of past mechanics so remember what you've done the only new mechanic is detonating (REDACTED) and be sure to make sure hes dead. after the boss is defeated you'll need to make your way to the (REDACTED), to save yourselves. (reward possibility of the kings sword dropping for players in your group) But 100% God tier loot.

so yeah that's my idea i had to put the words (REDACTED) into it so I don't spoil how each encounter would work if this does go far and of course if change is needed for somethings that's no problem

this activity is meant for all players to jump into so tuning my be required

i hope people find this interesting i think it would bring new players forward and also give the veteran players the chance to chase something and keep replaying a challenging activity and who knows maybe a hard mode of this will drop if things turn out good for the hardcore players
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