Tiers for mob spawners

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Tiers for mob spawners

Post by Shade » Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:40 pm

If you think about it mob spawners that went off mob levels would not only open up a new market but would be much cleaner than teleporting to /warp level10 just to see a big mess that is a gamble when grinding (no offense pig). Not to mention it's a huge hazard for newer or lower level players that want to gain large amounts of xp. Realistically new forms of grinders could be utilized for higher level mob spawners. They'd spawn less mobs but more xp.
Ex: the level of mob spawner only produces that level of mob. level 2 mob spawner can produce level 2 mobs. Pretty straight forward. It varies from level 1 to 11 (like the mobs do).

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