Appeal Template: 'Pay or Pray' for a Second Chance.

You got banned? You want to see a griefer banned? Post here
Forum rules
-You must use the template or your application will be ignored! :cussing:
-Don’t reply to your own ban appeal if a staff member didn’t answer; edit your post instead.
-Stay polite and show that we should unban you; do not use vulgar language to express your points.
-Do not use stupid excuses like “My brother did it”, “My mouse was having a spaz”, etc.
-Do not come on the IRC and beg staff to look at your appeal. This will greatly reduce your chances of being unbanned.
-Please do not comment on ban appeals that do not involve you, even if the person banned is a friend, or has any relation to you; if so, the post may be deleted without notice.
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Appeal Template: 'Pay or Pray' for a Second Chance.

Post by nidefawl » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:47 am


Creating a ban appeal is no easy feat. You have to be prepared and have points to backup what your saying.
All ban appeals must follow this general template, any ban appeals created past the 10th December 2012 without this general template will be denied.
Remember, your account is your own responsibility.

In-game name:
Estimated ban date:
Why you are appealing:
Evidence to support the appeal:


Paying for an unban is no longer available.


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