Rebalance: what I would change (and why)

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Vote for which among these you would like to see added into CL (check all that apply)

Modify server shop autostock/decay rates
Increase durability on all special weapons
Replace emeralds from pirate loot list
Increase trade limit on villagers
Remove level cap on skills
Increase the food value of juices
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Rebalance: what I would change (and why)

Post by Paradoxofchoice » Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:37 am

Modify server shop autostock/decay rates to better reflect an actual market.
(as it stands, server shop autostock/decay outpaces player activity in such a way that it may as well have static values. The rate should be greatly reduced so that interaction with it has some impact on other players and vice-versa)

Increase durability on all special weapons such as lightning sword, phoenix sword, obsidian sword, or any other weapon that has unique effects, remove the self-destruct mechanic on the AoE swords, then increase their rarity some.
(obsidian/phoenix swords instakill themselves if their AoE is put to use, lightning sword has 32 durability, so nobody ever enchants these and creates something interesting from them)

Remove emeralds from pirate loot list entirely, replace with anything else.
(villagers are a motivator for economic activity. Trading random junk items into emeralds modifies their value in scenarios where they would otherwise have none, but the pirate loot list is undermining the value of emeralds because of the direct comparison of methods for obtaining them. Put another way, it is much easier to ignore villager trading and just go kill pirates than it is to dig around for the specific items they want only to gain a few emeralds at a time through trading)

Increase trade limit on villagers for all material->emerald trades.
(as above, these types of trade offerings create economic activity, but if you can only use them once or twice before you begin to pay for access to that trade it is much more likely you find another way to obtain the emeralds and extremely unlikely you go to someones shop to obtain the materials to complete a single trade for 1 emerald. These trade types should have extremely high volume relative to the others, but as it stands you may only use the absolute best among them at any given time)

Remove 1200 level cap on skills
(there is no such thing as being #1 in mining? if someone is level 100 mining and dreams of being the best, it is a serious concern to think they may soon find out the truth. Even if the levels beyond 1200 don't do anything, or if they do something tiny and miniscule and take exponentially longer to obtain, anything is better than the age-old "max level")

Increase the food value of juices to 1+
(it seems the process of creating juices from the ground up involves quite a lot of materials, time, devotion. The end result appears to be a novelty in most cases, a sub-par potion and one of the weakest foods. Very few of these juices seem to have much use at all. Increasing the food value of juices would turn them into valuable multi-purpose items opposed to their current state, and amplify the economic activity for all items adjacent to them in the process.)

DISCLAIMER: I do not know how hard it is to modify some of these things, but I made it a point to only list things I think would be simple modifications (relative to some of the more complex things in CL).

RECLAIMER: I'm a game designer in charge of a game that has an extreme reliance on balance/economy, so if my suggestions seem tilted in that direction this is why, but I would like to think my experience would help to make at least a few of these suggestions into ones that would improve the game.

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Re: Rebalance: what I would change (and why)

Post by Hephaestus » Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:06 pm

I'm interested in seeing them play around with the level caps, but I wouldn't prefer a complete removal, unless you remove the benefits after some "cap", so after that level it's merely a show off.
All in all, seeing as alot of it is also currently being reworked, I wouldnt be concerned about any changes regarding that aspect at the moment.

Also, about the fruit juices, some of them are rather unused, but adding food value would up the consummation time, which for me personally would be more of nuisance than a real benefit.
I use quite alot of peach, mange and lemon juice and the ability to upgrade them is rather sweet aswell. If anything has to be changed, I'd mostly focus on the less used juices as not all of them aren't being treated the same right now.

I like your ideas nevertheless, hope this thread will lead to something
:morons: :morons: :morons:

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Re: Rebalance: what I would change (and why)

Post by Paradoxofchoice » Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:11 pm

In terms of no level caps, it is possible to create a maximum value for the benefits that is obtained in a never-ending way. The way I do this in my games is something along the lines of:

ex: 0+(100-(100/(100+infinity*0.1))*100)= 100-0*100 = 100% at level infinity
or: 0+(100-(100/(100+1000*0.1))*100)= 100-0.5*100 = 50% at level 1000
or: 0+(100-(100/(100+0*0.1))*100)= 100-1*100 = 0% at level 0

the value per level greatly impacts the number of levels needed to approach the maximum benefit, but that maximum is never actually obtained because it resides at the end of an infinite curve.

this can be done for anything really, it's the kind of thing that is simple after you see it but seems impossible or overly complicated beforehand. I originally created this as an optimization for something much more absurd. Looking at it again now, it feels like there is still optimization to be done, but it does work.

the larger problem would be something like integer overflow on total xp values or something but it is possible to work around that if you see it coming ahead of time. However, even if the levels beyond 1200 were only aesthetic I would still say that it is far superior to having a maximum level.

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Re: Rebalance: what I would change (and why)

Post by BetterOne » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:05 am

^Nothing more satisfying than a mathematically calculated idea regarding how skills could indefinitely level. With that being said, I think that McMMO needs to be abandoned, and a propriety skill system needs to be put in place. McMMO skills are neat but haven't aged well at all. Many abilities have become useless or niche over time, and/or are carbon copies of other skills with minor tweaks (serrated strikes=skull splitter, giga drill breaker=super breaker=tree feller) and many passives are also carbon copies(literally all harvesting skills have double drops which scale identically)
As for your other suggestions, yes for dura increases, there are like 20 swords in this pack and one is better in every way than the rest, at least give the other ones a damage or durability boost, also give tourmaline a huge dura boost, like 10k ideally
The other ideas seem fine to me, although I probably wouldn't be bothered if they were changed or not

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Re: Rebalance: what I would change (and why)

Post by pig001 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 6:15 pm

We plan to completly remove mcmmo and replace it with our own skill tree system. In this skill tree there will be infinite levels and infinite "points", these points can be spent on levelling up infinite traits.
E.g. mining, 1XP per block mined, Lvl0 -> lvl1 requires 5Xp
So mine 5 blocks, get 5xp, player is now lvl1 and recieves 1 "Mining Skill Point".
The player can then choose what to put that point into.
For example, Mining Speed, Increasing drop rate, etc.
The part we dont totally know yet is, we want to add cool abilities.
E.g. Infernal pickaxe ability, super breaker, ability to mine in any world, the question is how do you unlock it. Our plan was to give a "Golden Mining Skill Point", or something every so many levels, and that skill point can be spent on an ability increase, but it needs more calculating.

And thats only for mining, it will be for (probably) all existing skills + new ones. Ontop of all that will be "Craftland Skill Experience", for lack of a better name. You gain cEXP while doing any of the other skills. Obviously that means theres a much greater gap between levels, e.g. CLlvl0 -> CLlvl1 requires 200XP.
CL points can be spent on ex premium benefits (as discussed in the "where did our premium benefits go" post), or can be spent on new cool perks that effect the entire game. E.g. not losing life shards, increased mob XP drop, whatever.

Hopefully that gives an overview on our plans, nothing is final code wise so any ideas are welcome :D

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