Weapons and Armor 2.0 (just a place holder name)

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Weapons and Armor 2.0 (just a place holder name)

Post by MrCargo » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:28 pm

So my idea is kinda taking stuff from the game destiny thing is it may turn the game into a rpg

#1 Investment in armor.... ik teirs are in the game but what if their was xp just to level your armor

#2 Random Perks on Armor and weapons. Ik theirs enchantments from the enchantment table but say like you get a weapon from a challenging activity and it comes with a roll of a costume perk like poison tip which would poison the enemy and do damage over time, now say like you get the same weapon but with a different roll like rampage (which could be more of a boss fight perk)but the more you hit the enemy the more damage your weapon will do could stack up to 3X. still not understanding how about a bow that does a scater shot that shoots like 6 arrows at once? all in all it will make people

#3Challenging activities. Where could you find these powerfull drops. well from challeging activities. and im not talking super super easy stuff im talking about to the point where you have to take a step back and actually think about how to beat this. and if you beat the activitiy you could possibly aquire the gear your trying to go for. you know actually feel like youve earned the gear. but thing is it needs to be limited to how many powerfull gear peices you get each week so no one abuses it

#4 Powerlevels into armor. pretty much a complete change to powerlevels now that im still trying to think on how a new way it could work

I dont really expect anyone to really like this idea but its worth a shot and hey if this actually happens it could keep players coming back. because it will allow players to go for something rather then buy it right off the bat
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Re: Weapons and Armor 2.0 (just a place holder name)

Post by Vsauce » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:57 am

the armor update that just came out kinda gives the random perks with perfect diamond, although traits are limited, there is a lot of potential for armor traits to become a game changer. I think armor is fine where it stands now tbh, other than the fact that perfect diamond is kinda weak atm, the concepts are extremely interesting to me.

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