Ban appeal for Wenzy (formerly known as ItzDxvid or Darkdemon355)

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Ban appeal for Wenzy (formerly known as ItzDxvid or Darkdemon355)

Post by Darky » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:27 am

Yes hi so I had a friend on craftland (idk him irl but he was a really nice guy) and I got very bored and greifed his base. I know it was wrong of me and it was a very bad mistake I shouldn't have done. I was banned for 2 months. It has been 36 days into the ban and I just really miss playing on craftland. I am vip on there and have premium rank and love the server so much. The staff are all really nice and dont deserve the extra work I put them through by griefing someone's base. I'm sorry to the person I grieifed (I forgot their name) and I'm sorry to the staff for putting them through a hard time. I hope I can get my appeal accepted and I wont let my mistake happen again. 36 days is a really long time and I dont wanna have to wait another month. I really like the server.thanks.

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