New region rank

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New region rank

Post by Hephaestus » Mon May 27, 2019 3:43 pm

Been thinking about this1 for a long time now.
With the owner and the member rank at first glance everything seems to be covered, but through some playtime and some unfortunate experiences I believe there would be the need for another rank.

The new rank could be called original owner, only given out when the region gets created.
This rank would have the same permissions as a normal owner with the exception of being able to overrule them, like having the permission to remove an owner from the region without the owners consent. Could be used in a rework of the rule set considering regions, especially since it's a little unclear how the removing or modifying of regions with only 1 out of several owners consent works.

This could also help to give someone further permission to a region without risking too much, and since original owner would be more serious, there could be an absolute requierement of the consent of the person that wanted the region in order to get it, to maybe even prevent a certain abuse that I noticed sometimes among newbie regions, where the staffmember that created the region added himself as owner without the knowledge/consent of the player. (happens really rarely, I suppose they mean it well in most cases but still)

I would suggest adding this to future regions, on already existing regions on request and with the consent of the owners, or maybe just giving it to the person that owned the region first.

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Re: New region rank

Post by BetterOne » Tue May 28, 2019 1:20 am

I think that a numerical rank system would tackle this issue much better than these static ranks. As in someone with Rank 1 could overrule ranks 2,3,4.... etc.
AFAIK the region plugin (worldguard) is relatively unmodified (pretty much completely TBH) and has held this ranking system for a while now because it works well. The only difference between a member and a owner in this system, is that owners can dictate how members can interact with different features, and if you want to have a more complex hierarchy to regions, you can simply utilize subregions with modified priorities, no rework needed.

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