Patchnotes 8.76

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Patchnotes 8.76

Post by nidefawl » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:16 pm

+ Added vanilla flymode (checkbox in controls screen or /flymode)
+ Added Carpenter Blocks to creative: Stairs, Slabs, Pillars, Sideways slabs, Overlays
+ It's the Year of the Pig: New votewheel rewards were added!

> Spider Skulls are a "rare drop" now so Looting will make them drop more often
> Gravite swords now have +2 reach, removed its rightclick ability
> Zanite swords now have +1 reach
> The RNG-Pig no longer modifies redstone blocks. It's harmless now
> Made super bosses more likely
> Item frames can no longer be broken with indirect attacks (arrows / notchhammers)
> Removed all rewards from pet-rocks and pet-eggs

Fixed / Improvements
~ Fixed a potential dupe glitch and prevented similar glitches from working
~ Fixed light asynchronous updates causing seeds/crops to drop
~ Fixed item pickup in creative sometimes deleting the item
~ Fixed picking in creative sometimes not working
~ Fixed a bug with creative inventory updates that caused multiple inventory resyncs, possibly causing disconnects
~ Fixed several minor memory leaks on game start
~ Fixed the info-slot on survival player inventory sometimes not accepting items
~ Fixed several security vulnerabilities on the server side
~ Fixed torches canPlace check: It was possible to place them attached to non-solid blocks
~ Fixed WorldEdits /place -a behaving incorrectly
~ Fixed the supply crate key drop from pirate dungeons dropping broken key
~ Fixed Admin/Creative Flying ending when a nearby gravitite beacon effect runs out
~ Fixed Soulbound Items with lore stacking itself when looking at the item
~ Fixed Item tooltips flickering when inventory updates are received while looking at the tooltip
~ Light updates are even more efficient now
~ Optimized the renderer for Display Cases, Lanterns and Armor stands to be a lot faster
~ Added hidden-face culling to fences, improves performance with extensive use of fences
~ Removed the "test" tooltip on coal blocks

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Re: Patchnotes 8.76

Post by Soulmusician » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:44 pm

Thanks Nide

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