Dyes (For Skins)

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Dyes (For Skins)

Post by Blue » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:40 pm

Ever wished a skin you had had a different color so that it matched everything else you're wearing? As someone who regularly cross-dresses in drag on CraftLand, I do!

Introducing dyes, which are in Terraria, items that tint the color of the skin you are wearing. Start with some basic dyes that tint your skin red, or green, or orange, which you can craft with flowers or plants. And then get wild with it, rare dyes that are animated, or have two, three colours, which only drop from things like MonsterHunt and Arena.

I don't see why it would be hard to color skins one color, but I do see potential issues with trying to put two or three on skins, since it would be hard to map out which parts get what color, and it would be hard to make those look nice.

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