The kingdom of Spartos

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The kingdom of Spartos

Post by Jester » Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:38 pm

Hello there. Im Sparty king of the kingdom Spartos. Spartos main purpose is to help new players and unite old. it can be stuff like building, mining or just needing space for something. i might seem a little derpy/goofy but i try my best to be helpful. Also there is a tax. Dont worry when it gets implemented it wont be high it is mostly gonna be stuff like if we are making a big build of wool then a certain amount of wool. if its marble we need then a small amount of wool. but its rare for it to be rare materials. if you are interested please do contact me. Also remember if i help you i hope you help back. the reason i made Spartos is because i want to make a system where everybody helps everybody ill be sure to explain more later when its implemented and if you got any worries or Theres something i can do better dont be afraid to tell me


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