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Thank You.

Post by Vigilante » Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:11 pm

Yo my name is Vigilante or Awoken. I went by many other names across both of my accounts, I joined the server sometime back in 2013 and played till around early 2016. I had a ton of fun building, making in-game money, gathering building mats, collecting hats etc. But I left one day, Due to a pretty stupid choice I made. If you didn't know. I owned two accounts on Craftland. Tanner55 and FrozenTardis. I bought Frozen from a guy who got banned from the server a few months after I started the server. This person was named Cloud. Or CloudDevAether (I believe). I bought this account for a 50 USD CS:GO knife back in 2014 or 2015. And when I got the FrozenTardis account I forgot the change the Email. The younger me was too focused on getting into the account more than anything. The craftland launcher saved the email and password and allowed me to play carelessly. But heres where things go bad for me. Around February of 2016 I got my new PC. And yeah. Rest in peace FrozenTardis. While I still own my main account I simply lost inspiration to play.

But this isn't a post where i'm going to complain about a silly choice I made. This is about saying thank you to this wonderful community. A community so great that I dreamed about it a few nights back and it reminded me of how much I miss this server and it reminded me that I never made a post or told anyone I was leaving. And to be honest it was chewing at me and bothering me a ton. To make this post simple. I just wanted to say thank you to you all. But I think a few people deserve recognition.

Jay. For selling me his Aether home and being a pretty cool friend. And for being a pretty great builder in my eyes. You gave me so many ideas for future homes in craftland. (PS. I remember you still own the region for the home. I would like to keep my items in case I were to come back.)

Mooshroom. One of my favorite staff members and pretty cool guy all around. He sold me a big chunk of all of my items. Mostly including the rare aether yellow and red bricks.

Estato. I think this is your name, Hopefully I didn't mistype it. It's been ages! But just like Moosh he sold me quite a bit of my items. He was also a really good and very reasonable guy and had a amazing in-game shop where I bought even more stuff.

Krebs/Jor/Thor & Devinhamster. While we were always fighting and all around doing some really immature stuff. I can say for sure my experience on the server wouldn't be the same without you two. While we weren't fighting I got the see some of your amazing creations. Like your mini Asgard and your clan bases. Each with a unique design as more and more items and blocks were added into the server. You guys were amazing builders and seeing some of your bases gave me some much needed building inspiration. While I never completed my projects It was super fun to build them and gave me a purpose. And to be fair the whole guild/clan thing between us helped me form my own guild in a MMO i'm currently playing.

While there are many others i'd like to thank. I either forgot why or what your in-game name is. TiLT, Hades, Joyman, Etc. And trust me i'm sorry, But it's been forever.

But for real. Thank all of you for the fun over the years. Maybe one day I'll come back to experience it once more.

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