Patchnotes 8.34 + Mini Patch

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Patchnotes 8.34 + Mini Patch

Post by Beandon » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:26 am

Welcome to the patchnotes of 8.34, we've got plenty of things for you to read :D

VoteWheel Update
+ There are now way more rewards that you can obtain from the VoteWheel, making it more worth your VotePoints!
+ VoteWheel rewards change based on the current event!
+ The VoteWheel now changes colour based on the current event (Orange and Purple colours for October)!
* The VoteWheel now displays rewards at the same rate, no matter the computer.
* The VoteWheel now spins faster and ends faster (also has a cheeky little backspin ;)).
* Additionally, if you continue to get a load of rubbish from the VoteWheel, we got you covered! The chances for a rare item appearing increases every time you get something not-so-rare! So even the unluckiest of people have a chance to get something decent (Be wary however, this stat resets whenever you log out)!
- A dead website has been removed from the vote menu.

The possible rewards during October include coins, experience, an undead spawner, a golden chest, skulls, decorative skulls, candy, pumpkin stuff, hats with the zombie effect, aubepinecanne, pumpkin ring, witch ring, spider pig ring, revenant greataxe, revenant ring and a zombie model unlock! Be sure to check it out!

Other Notes
+ A new, VoteWheel Exclusive, golden chest has been added (80 slots)!
+ Revenant Ring has been added (reduces your maximum healing by 2.5 hearts, synergises well with the Revenant Greataxe)!
+ If a player is vanished/hidden, a tip will be shown at the top left of the screen. This can be toggled in the Settings Menu.
* Players no longer get kicked for AFK if there's less than 10 players online.
* AFK kick time has been changed from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.
* Players can no longer use the /tp, /tpallow or /friend add commands to reveal hidden staff members.
* Candy textures have been updated!
* Pam's Harvest Craft Seeds and Crops can now burn in lava and despawn naturally.
* Lightning, Flaming and Holy Swords can now burn in lava and despawn naturally.
* Perfect Diamond Tools and Armor no longer burn and/or despawn naturally.
* The Rainbow Sword, Revenant Greataxe and Tourmaline Pickaxe can no longer burn and/or despawn naturally.
* Tourmaline and Citrine can no longer burn and/or despawn naturally.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed helpers from being unable to view players on the map.
* You can no longer shear other players when they're disguised as a sheep (sorry randoro).
* Sheep no longer render their fleeces if they have an invalid colour.
* Pistons can no longer be used to pull out dungeon blocks.
* Placing Ambrosium Ore with a damage value of 0 now places the correct Ambrosium Ore.
* Fixed Sentry Boots' fall damage.
* Fixed Hide, Vanish and Hide Name Tag options from not saving properly in the [You] menu.
* (Bug from this patch) Fixed a NullPointer error from occuring whenever the player teleports to an unloaded area.

Mini Patch:

+ Added Basalt Brick, Stone and Cobblestone Slabs.
* AFK kick requirement changed to 20.
* Premium Members no longer get kicked for AFK.

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Re: Patchnotes 8.34

Post by Hephaestus » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:27 am

Sounds amazing
Hyped for votewheel
i swear if i get only trash :sadsad:
Really wanted to shear randoro though :cry:
Nice patch :thumbsup:
:morons: :morons: :morons:

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