Patchnotes 8.33 - Fishing Event!

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Patchnotes 8.33 - Fishing Event!

Post by Beandon » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:48 pm


The new Fishing Event has been released! Warp on over to /warp fishing to take part and obtain a hefty amount of cash, new smelly and shiny hats, sexy new wings and maybe even some Squid Spawners if you're up for it!

We've added 3 cheeky limited time achievements for you to obtain to get that nice achievement score:
* Let's go-lo! (Fish 25 Lekgolo during the new Fishing Event!)
* Can I Ax-olotl you a question? (Fish 50 Axolotl during the new Fishing Event!)
* The newest and rarest species (Fish 3 Sangheili during the new Fishing Event!)

This event also introduces 5 new species of fish which can be used for trading with the various NPC's scattered across the /warp fishing area:
* Flameback (500xp upon catching)
* Yanmee (1000xp upon catching)
* Lekgolo (2000xp upon catching)
* Axolotl (3000xp upon catching)
* Sangheili (4000xp upon catching)

We're not over yet! This event also introduces a MicroEvent which will randomly occur within this world every 10-30 minutes whilst there are 5 or more players online. This MicroEvent will effect how fishing functions for 2-10 minutes within this world (MicroEvents can vary from ItsRainingFish, Durability and even MultiBob)... Happy Fishing!
(More information about this event can be found on the wiki page)

Oh, and the Mining World was reset by the way :)

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Re: Patchnotes 8.33 - Fishing Event!

Post by Nimial » Fri Jul 27, 2018 2:24 am

Oh hell, tomorrow i'll be there jeeee

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