AFK grinding ban

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Re: AFK grinding ban

Post by pig001 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:23 pm

" Anyway yeah I agree with I think it was Paul, because some of the bosses health is just too much, Like again as he said the vampires. I think sometimes the people who actually make the boss and people who think of the ideas of the bosses get tedious and long confused with hard a bit, because when admins tell me that the reason the vampires health is high af its because it makes it harder, when it doesn't, It just gets more tedious. Like with the fleshliche boss now, it spawns in a fuck-tonne of lil zombies and skeletons, thinking its more of a challenge when its just plain fucking annoying."
Again, the vampire boss itself is not the same as "all the bosses healths are too much", because the iron golem is easy. Please tell me how the iron golem boss has too much health.
The fleshlich boss before was too easy, and when I designed it it was a challenge for new players, then old players just came along and destroyed that balance. So I made it more difficult by adding swarms of mobs in. It was too tedious at first when I had the balance of the amount of mobs wrong, but now I would say its less so.

Well the issue with MCMMO is we have to find the happy medium between a rock and a hard place. There is two options, we reset it, or keep it as it is. If we reset, the ones who earned it legitly will complain. If we dont those who havent earned it legitly or through afk grinding will complain. Some have said reduce everyones to a certain level, but that will just cause complaining from all sides other than those who neither earned it legitly or grinded it. Either way people will moan, currently its probably the best its going to be.

I quickly scanned through the patch notes and found a majority the nerfs, basically I found about 8 nerfs in 3 years, most of which were hardly anything, some of which were big e.g. pirate spawners, afk grinding, op books. If you want to do a full search and check this please do, as I'd love to find out how many we actually did. Though, I would not say OP books are common among those who havent played long. They arent as rare as they should be, but they're definetly not common.

Theres a difference between citicsm and complaining. I happly accept critisism and take it into account, this being such as things you think we should improve (Key point: Complaining about something being broken and not saying a way to fix doesnt exactly help, it just tells me its broken, and I now have to figure out a way to fix it while reading everyones mind as to what they want.) , and I will sometimes say why things wont work, thats normal and fine. But when people go along the lines of "X is broken, staff are too stupid to fix it", then thats when I will try to show you why you are completly wrong.

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Re: AFK grinding ban

Post by Hades » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:45 pm

pig001 wrote:
Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:23 pm
But when people go along the lines of "X is broken, staff are too stupid to fix it", then thats when I will try to show you why you are completly wrong.
Im not trynna bash on you lot, just saying like how I feel about the situation. Also not saying I can do better, I know its hard doing all the shit you guys do.

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Re: AFK grinding ban

Post by Estato » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:13 pm

Everybody trying to say they hate afk grinding and all that stuff meanwhile they all do it for hours on end. What a bunch of hypocrites.

This ban offense is long overdue and it's WAY TOO LATE for something like this. Economy is broken thanks to these no lifers with 70 accounts and it's not gonna fix just cuz you suddenly start banning them for it.

I proposed this at the start when you stated it's allowed and that's when it should have been bannable. Nice try but fuck it's way too late.
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