Community Spotlight : Asgard

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Community Spotlight : Asgard

Post by Arbr » Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:27 pm



Todays community spotlight is Asgard, an amazingly ran and developed town in the Aether dimension of Craftland. This town has been around for a few years now and has had amazing people live there. Asgard is constantly expanding and improving itself, which makes it a go to place for the community to view. Its citizens are always friendly and trying to get involved in the community. This is why Asgard has been chosen to be the very first place to be written about on our "Community Spotlight" posts.

Community Spotlight posts will be posted bi-weekly (as of right now). If it is felt that these should happen more often, then these posts will become more frequent and be a weekly thing.

Enough about our new news section and more about Asgard!

The Founders:

According to information found within the town, Asgards founders are: MarcelGS, xXtLoZzockerXx, and xXR34CHFR34KXx

xXtLoZzockerXx, and xXR34CHFR34KXx both joined the server on May 31st, 2015 while MarcelGS joined about a month later on June 25th, 2015. Their town has grown since then and continues to grow to this day. It is very well organized and they have done a great job in doing it. They seem to also be very welcome to new players and have given those players a place to belong on the server, and for that we thank them.


The Town:

Asgard has inspired many other groups on what they should strive to become or what they should try being more like when it comes to their communities. Just from one look at how organized and how well put together their town is would make anyone want to get their towns together and try being competition for them. The beauty and consistency in their town when it comes to style, structure, warp names, building region names, rules, and their hall of fame is something for players to admire about this town.

Below are some pictures that were made of Asgard so everyone can see the beauty in this town.



Other Information:

Exploring you will be able to find different secrets and information about the town. While you explore you will see interesting structures and scenery that is just lovely. Feel free to explore yourself by going to some of the provided warps posted below, or entering their town portal found at spawn.

While exploring a section found at /warp Asgard_Memberlist , there was some information that shows how grand the town really is. Here are some of the findings:
  • Asgard (As of February 2nd, 2017), has 74 Members
  • Asgard also has many public and private settlements, their names are:
    • Methtown
    • Eldin
    • Telrone
    • Ranell
    • Pawnbottle
    • Autumn Island
    • Andoria
  • Asgard also organizes it's members into their own ranking system:
    • Member
    • VIP Member
    • Citizen
    • Knowledgable
    • Trusted
    • Veteran
    • Expert
    • Elite
    • Builder
    • Architect
    • Master
    • Asgard Partner
    • Major
    • Founder
    • King / Ruler
  • Asgard is lastly also a mainly German Speaking community that has slowly been expanding to some English players.

Since there is too many Public Asgard warps, the following are just a few that can help everyone get started in exploring this amazing town.
  • /warp Asgard
  • /warp Asgard_Memberlist
  • /warp Asgard_Castle
  • /warp Asgard_Trainstation

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this Spotlight! Thanks to everyone who helped out and to the founders of Asgard for making such a lovely town!

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Re: Community Spotlight : Asgard

Post by Undergroundie » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:39 pm

soooooooo cool to see that Asgard is the FIRST Community Spotlight post i am so proud to call myself a Asgard member for nearly a year and worked my way up to the Architekt of asgard :P soo yeah thank you very much for this post :thumbsup:

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Re: Community Spotlight : Asgard

Post by TechStudios » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:14 am

I am really going to check this town out. Community looks awesome!

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Re: Community Spotlight : Asgard

Post by Tweety » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:09 am

Very well done and I am going to link this post to our appearance immediatley. ... ing?page=8" onclick=";return false; ... ded-server" onclick=";return false; ... l#p3971668" onclick=";return false;

Thanks Arbr, I am excited to see further work of players! Please continiue that is a very good presentation of what we are and thanks to the builders of Asgard of course you deserve a lot of credit! :rocks:



By the way there is a warp called /warp germany if you want another review ;). Of course it is not as cool as Asgard and will never be.

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