Patchnotes 8.6 - Christmas 2018, Daily Quest Updates and more Stuff!

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Patchnotes 8.6 - Christmas 2018, Daily Quest Updates and more Stuff!

Post by Beandon » Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:32 am

Hello, hello! Welcome one, welcome all to the patchnotes for Craftland Version ,not 8.5 but, 8.6! :thumbsup:

* Xmas has been released! You can access the world by using /xmas. This year it has a story to follow, similar to Grimlock, alongside some Sidequests, Daily Sidequests and some scattered-around Citizen Quests!
* Added a festive touch to your client (Main screen GUI and ingame GUI)!
* The Advent Calendar has returned! Use /calendar to access it quickly.
* A VoteWheel loot table for Xmas has been implemented and will also last until the event ends.
* Present Hunt has new present types for you to collect (Here's a little video example:!
+ Added a new hat effect, Snowflakes!

Daily Quest Update
+ The following new Quest types have been implemented: Crop Harvesting, Item Enchanting, Item Crafting and Animal Breeding :biggrin:
* Most quests have recieved a bit of a nerf in difficulty.
* Most quest item loot tables have been reworked slightly to provide more useful items in exchange for some coins.
* Fixed some quests.
* When completing a quest, it will now display "Completed!", this is to prevent any confusion when a quest has already been completed if a server restart happens to occur midday.
- Quests such as "Mine X netherrack", "Open X crates" and "fish X treasure" have been removed.

Other Goodies
+ The ignore system now saves the players you have ignored through restarts!
+ Added some Xmas items, blocks and new skins.
+ Added Concrete Powder (All colours, created by crafting 4 sand, 4 gravel and a dye).
+ Added Concrete (All colours, created by placing Concrete next to or inside of water).
+ Added Aerbunny's Foot (12.5% drop chance from Aerbunnies).
+ Added Potion of Leaping (Requires an Aerbunny's Foot to brew).
+ Added "Lucky Rabbit Stew" (Warning: May cause psychedelic effects..).
+ Added the ability to craft Ice Bricks and Packed Ice Bricks.
+ Added an extra recipe to the Flux Altar.
+ Added the ability to record how many times you've enchanted an item with a specific enchant.. also how many times total.
+ Added 4 new achievements: Pirate Slayer I, Pirate Slayer II, Minecraft Magic and Roadworks.. almost
* Fixed a bug that allows you to place Paintings or Item Frames on the same block where a Tile Entity (chest, present, warppad etc.) already exists. No more placing frames between chests for you, lagius.
* Added a /daily command that can be used to pull up the Daily Quests in a flash.
* Other things.

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Re: Patchnotes 8.6 - Xmas Prep, Daily Quest Updates and more Stuff!

Post by Nimial » Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:54 am

+ The ignore system now saves the players you have ignored through restarts!

Thanks god finally xD

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