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Data Transfer

Post by Pommespanzer_101 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:59 pm

Hey, my problem is:
I played Craftland about 5 years ago. My old accountname was 101_Pommespanzer but this account was deleted. I think I was donation rang 4/5 on this account. I played here with some mates freshmw, chev, Shadowrob, and so on. I was walking around and found some of my old regions/shops/farms and so on. I know i have more buildings in this area. But all my stuff is given to other players or still locked (my old moas dont have ,,names'' 101_Pommesoanzer anymore). I have already writed with a helper some days ago about this problem (maybe he remember me). When I logged in again 1-2 weeks ago a player named BlasterG717 directly pmed me; he searched me for about this 5 years. He has e.g. the rights to my Moa farm. He can testify that all this is my old stuff/shops/farms and so on. I still have contact to freshmw and Shadowrob which can also testify that this is my old stuff.
Now I hope somebody can help me with this problem and i get back all my old stuff.
(when I played 5 years ago I also wrote a few times with nidefawl. Vielleicht erinnerst du dich ja auch an meinen alten Account)

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