Treecapitator Mod

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Treecapitator Mod

Post by EpicJ0J0 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:25 am

Howdy folks, I looked for suggestions on this and the last suggestion I saw for it was in 2013. I'm suggesting the Treecapitator mod, because I think it would be a good fit for the mmorpg mod we already have. This isn't your normal Minecraft anymore and I feel this would be a good addition.

The Treecapitator mod makes it so when you take out the first block of the tree or the bottom of the tree it makes the whole tree come down. So instead of making a path to get to all the logs all you have to do is go after one block and it's done. You don't have to wait for decaying to get your items from the leaves anymore either. You may think this is cheap but really it's easy enough to get these items anyway. The only reason I'm suggesting it is because I feel it would give the game a better gameplay feel to it.

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Re: Treecapitator Mod

Post by pig001 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:52 pm

Right now you can use the tree chopper ability on axes to take out a larger area of a tree (scales depending on your axes level), or you can use a spectral axe which shops down logs up to 12 blocks above it, so takes out most of normal trees. I do like the treecapitator mod aswell, but I dont want to add it as I feel like it would make those two other features kinda useless.

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