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Post by Crovan » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:40 pm

What is it about?
A couple of you may know the rank "Event" Craftland offers.
This rank has pretty much no use anymore and I only know one person who's having it.

And now what?
So I thought we could turn it into a "non-staff" rank with access to Eventmaps/Serverbuilds which are normally locked to staff.
It happened fairly often that non-staff-players helped building Eventmaps, by setting a rank ppl. could receive perks for those creative worlds, such as extended creative and world edit perms to a certain point.
(With WE perms I don't mean all commands, but only those which are useful to render territory. Set command and Copy command could only be used to a max of 50.000 blocks at once, everything bigger than that would be up to staff.)

Why do we need it though?
Of course, admins can simply hand over perms to reliable players, but like this we can generate allot more awareness for this job. Not to mention the slightly outstanding feeling to be officially "Event".
Though, the Rank will not have any other perks but permission to warp to Server-worlds which need work done.
I don't think we need a color for the rank, "Event" currently has no real color anyway.

So.. How do we prevent grief?
Limited WorldEdit access and access to community worlds is a huge matter of trust, not to mention that the person in charge of the rank will need at least little experience with building. That's why I'd suggest to keep this rank application based. (Some kind of Architect-rank as you may know from other servers.)

Any suggestions or ideas regarding this? leave it down below

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Re: Eventbuilders

Post by pig001 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:51 pm

61 people have the event rank ingame, but it is completly pointless other than the canjoin flag on an old Christmas world. I might make this what it actually is.

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Re: Eventbuilders

Post by amp » Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:01 pm

Yeah, the original event group was a prerequisite to joining the old Christmas world back in.. 2013, I think? Yeah, I think so. Maybe 2014.

Either way, it would be cool to have an actual use for it.
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