Craftland Server Raid reward suggestion

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Craftland Server Raid reward suggestion

Post by Raid_host_Jay » Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:05 am

So I thought that if craftland ever gets 8 Man raids going against waves of incridible Strong Enemy mobs and having to defeat a end raid Boss at the end like you see in World of Warcraft or Dragon Nest the whole server People that are online at the time or just the people in the raid party Should get a random buff of these:

- 15 mins Haste 5 or 4
- 15 Mins Strenght 5 or 4
- 15 Mins Resistance 5 or 4

I think this would be cool to give every player a global buff from a 8 man group winning a raid that happens once or twice a day so then everyone could say if they got a Haste 5 "Lets try our luck with the haste 5 at goldrush where we New players got a chance at winning a goldrush because of this speed" And players could say if they got a strenght 5 Buff "Hey lets all spawn the boss and try to take it down quickly before the 15 min Strenght Buff runs out, Giving us new players a fair chance and a fast Boss kill"
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